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Tips to Make Your Home Stand Out From the Rest!

Updated: Sep 11, 2020

If you want your home to be the house that gets that extra glimpse then consider these few tips and tricks that you can follow when upgrading your curb appeal and your home's exterior appearance.

Fresh Front Door

One of the simplest and most cost-effective ways that you can spruce up the exterior of your home is by refreshing the look of your front door. Your front door deserves special attention because in most cases it is the focal point of your home's appearance. A fresh coat of paint with a bright pop of color can really make all the difference. This season, some of the biggest trends revolve around Farmhouse and Industrial designs. Swap out your single door for a larger double-door or add sidelites for a new striking style.

Exterior Repairs

A clean exterior makes a home look so much more attractive and increases curb appeal. Power washing the exterior can freshen up your whole home and also be a fun weekend project. Make sure to keep up with repairing or repainting any siding, shutters, etc.

Replace Your Address Numbers

Did you know that many townships want you to have house numbers that are at least 4” high? People can more easily locate your home in cases of emergency, so make your numbers big and noticeable with style. This little aspect is sometimes overlooked, but it can really make a big impact on your visitor’s experiences as well. If your numbers are outdated and worn, consider leaning towards a more durable material that is also fashionable. Brass and silver metal nail-on numbers are the most universal and can be integrated into almost any decor that you’ve chosen. It’s also a rising trend to have your house numbers illuminated with LED lights to make it just a bit brighter.

Make It Feel Welcoming

If you have a large enough front porch or entry-way for seating, make sure it’s put together and maintained. Cushions that have straps to tie onto furniture are the easiest way to ensure that they stay intact and don’t fly away. Keep your porch area swept of leaves and choose a unique welcome mat to have a tidy look. If your furniture is wooden give them a new stain or paint job to breathe new life into them.

Light Up Your Curb Appeal

Exterior hardware should be wiped down and polished on a regular basis. This should include your doorknobs, light posts, and furniture. As you continue to make updates to the outside of your home, be sure that you are following the same style of materials throughout. Place lighting along your pathways, around your front door, and on the sidings of your house and driveway. It’s important that your curb appeal is seen not only during the daytime but also at night.

Full Exterior House Painting

Finally, if your home's exterior paint is beginning to wear or it begins to darken in spots, hire a professional to repaint it. A new paint job can make your house stand out and create a lasting impression. Choose a good color that fits with your home’s overall aesthetic, but also evaluate your surrounding homes to make sure that your color of choice doesn’t clash. Neutral tones and darker muted hues are the safest bet, but that doesn’t mean you can’t let your uniqueness shine through with bold accents around your trim. Hiring a professional painting service to do this large project will allow you to have the best quality work in the shortest possible time-frame.

Maxwell House Painting and Contracting is here to make your house the most coveted home on your block. We have color consultants that can help you select exactly the right color to increase your curb appeal. Investing in quality maintenance and remodeling will increase your home’s value. To learn more about our exterior painting and contracting services, visit our website for more information.


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