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Creating a Family-Friendly Bathroom Oasis

When a young couple with three children approached Maxwell House Painting & Contracting to design a new bathroom, they had clear priorities: durability, style, and special comforts for visiting in-laws during the holidays.

Design Approach: Harmonizing Comfort and Style

The couple envisioned a bathroom that seamlessly matched the aesthetic of the other bathrooms in their home, with a few unique twists to make it extra special for their kids. They had a fondness for the timeless appeal of subway tiles but desired something distinctive for this space. Drawing inspiration from a collection of photos, we discovered an eye-catching, unique version of subway tiles that added just the right amount of flair to set this bathroom apart from the rest.

Overcoming Space Constraints with Creative Solutions

The primary challenge was fitting all their desired features into a compact space. By thinking creatively, we managed to incorporate both style and functionality in a limited area. One of the standout features is a custom full-length niche, which serves both aesthetic and storage purposes. This elegant addition not only provides ample space for toiletries but also enhances the overall design.

To maximize the perception of space, we installed a custom-sized, illuminated mirror above the vanity and toilet. This not only adds a touch of luxury but also helps in making the room feel more spacious. The choice of bypass doors with gold accents further contributed to the sophisticated look, ensuring there was enough room for all the necessary fixtures without making the bathroom feel cramped.

The Gorgeous Payoff

The result of our efforts is a stunning bathroom that perfectly balances durability, functionality, and style. The unique subway tiles provide a delightful pop that distinguishes this bathroom, while the custom niche and thoughtfully selected fixtures enhance both its practicality and visual appeal. The bathroom is now a welcoming space for the family and their in-laws, offering a blend of comfort and elegance that will be appreciated for years to come.

Ready to transform your space? Contact Maxwell House Painting & Contracting for a FREE consultation to bring your vision to life, or take a look at some of our other bathroom remodels for more inspiration.


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