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What color is your dream home? Choosing a paint color is a very personal decision. Color invokes emotions and moods. We all have certain colors that we are naturally drawn to – pastel, gem, white, natural, rustic, neon, etc. Color can be the most difficult, but impactful decision homeowners will make about decorating the interior and exterior of their homes. It is also one of the most cost efficient ways per square foot to change the look of your home.  Having trouble deciding on a color? No worries, we will set up a personal in-home paint consultation to help identify the right color for you. Say goodbye to color remorse! 

Paint is known for its ability to provide beautiful long lasting color, but it shouldn’t be judged solely on its beautiful hue. The best paints are known for their protective properties and ability to retain color. That’s why we only use paints that have passed the highest quality assurance standards in the industry. We also use the best equipment in the industry to prep and paint your home. By using the best, we can provide you with the best results. That’s why we provide a two year warranty on our painting services. If you love a color in a brand we don’t warranty we’ll match the color for you in our preferred brand. 

Maxwell House Painting is a leading painting contractor in the Greater Philadelphia Area. We are a certified renovator in accordance with EPA's Lead Renovation, Repair and Painting Rule. We have extensive experience in the coating industry, specifically painting residential and commercial spaces.  From their friendly demeanor, quality service and professional skills, our painting crews are the best in the business. We know a thing or two about paint and the unique properties inherent in each that we use. When you hire Maxwell House Painting you can be assured that your project will be completed correctly. 

STEP 1: 


Our main goal is to return your home to you looking more beautiful than when we started. That requires an acute awareness of the spaces that we’re working in and a great deal of caution. Each of our crews is led by an experienced foreman that is familiar with the scope of the project and the qualities of the product. Upon entering your house our skilled foreman and painters will secure the area to be painted. Anything not being painted will be protected using a heavy tarp, plastic covering or tape where necessary. Individual spaces can be secured using plastic lining in doorways and openings to isolate any dust or dirt residual from entering other areas. 

STEP 2. 


The key to a beautiful paint job is a quality prep job and our team has vast experience in prepping surfaces for paint. We scrape, spackle and sand until we’re confident the surface will provide a smooth finish. We will also caulk any seams between baseboards, trim, or moldings and the wall that will be painted. We use the best equipment in the industry that minimizes dust and odor. Each one of our crews is outfitted with a professional grade HEPA dust extractor, the same equipment that we use for our hospital clients. Prep is the most important part of the job and we’ll spend as much time as needed to get the surface right.

STEP 3: 


Once prep is complete, our skilled foreman and painters will work efficiently and thoroughly through your space to apply no less than 2 coats of paint to every part of the scope of your project. Two coats helps ensure the product will perform the way the manufacturer intended as well as provide the paint’s true color. Upon completion, our crews will clean and return your space as they found it revealing your beautifully painted space. 

We use a three step process in all of our interior painting jobs:


If it’s affixed to your home, we paint it. 


Walls, ceilings, trim, windows, doors, crown moldings, baseboards, wainscoting, chair rails, picture rails, picture frame moldings, coffered ceilings, two-story areas, kitchen cabinets. We also provide wall paper removal. And yes, we’ll even paint kitchen tables and chairs. 

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