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Transforming Kitchens: Maxwell House's Cabinet Painting Services

Updated: Feb 28

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In the world of home renovations, the kitchen often takes center stage. However, not everyone has the time or budget for a full kitchen overhaul. That's where the magic of cabinet painting comes into play. Maxwell House’s cabinet painting projects showcase how a simple makeover can breathe new life into a kitchen without the need for a complete renovation.

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The Power of Cabinet Painting

Kitchen cabinets play a crucial role in defining the aesthetic and atmosphere of the entire space. Over time, wear and tear can leave them looking tired and outdated. While a full kitchen renovation might seem like the ideal solution, it can also be a hefty investment. This is where the expertise of Maxwell House Painting & Contracting is at your service.

Kitchen cabinets are typically one of the most expensive materials to replace in a kitchen, averaging around 30% of the total budget for a full scale kitchen remodel. Fortunately, they are also one of the only surfaces in a kitchen that are suitable for painting, providing an opportunity for huge savings to homeowners. It is the secret to saving on a kitchen renovation. It is a cost-effective alternative to a full renovation, offering a fresh look without breaking the bank. Maxwell House understands the nuances of the entire cabinet painting process and the importance of selecting the right cabinet paint color. Our recent projects highlighted below beautifully exemplify the impact this type of makeover can have.

The Cabinet Painting Transformation

Maxwell House took on the challenge of revamping the kitchen at our client’s house in Berwyn. The existing kitchen consisted of warm oak cabinets, an off-white backsplash, and a countertop that lacked the visual appeal that the homeowners desired. The kitchen cabinets were sturdy and functional. Rather than opting for an extensive kitchen renovation, the decision was made to invest in cabinet painting, a choice that proved to be both economical and aesthetically pleasing. This permitted the clients to extend their budget to include a new backsplash, countertop, sink, faucet, cooktop, and custom moldings for their peninsula all of which Maxwell House was able to help them with.

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The Process

Cabinet painting is a meticulous process that requires attention to detail. Maxwell House ensured that our three step process – 1. Protect  2. Prep 3. Paint –  was executed with precision to achieve the desired outcome. The process starts with our techs mapping out the entire kitchen to prepare for the careful removal of all doors and drawer fronts. All cabinets are then thoroughly cleaned, sanded, caulked, and primed before applying several coats of specialty cabinet paint. All doors and drawer fronts are sprayed at our spray booth to ensure a professional finish. Lastly, we reinstall all cabinets doors and drawer fronts, including any new hardware the client has selected. The entire process takes 5-7 days, on average, and is typically a fraction of the cost of purchasing new cabinets. The team at Maxwell House facilitated this all-inclusive transformation helping the homeowners achieve their desired aesthetic for their kitchen, on budget, that worked cohesively with the rest of the client’s home.

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Worth the Effort

While cabinet painting is a straightforward makeover, it is not without its challenges. It is a time-consuming process that demands patience and expertise. Maxwell House, however, makes the experience hassle-free for our homeowners. Our skilled team efficiently manages the project timeline, ensuring that the end result is delivered with the utmost professionalism and concludes with a beautifully finished product - no matter how extensive the kitchen painting project.

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A Refreshed Kitchen

Maxwell House’s cabinet painting projects are a testament to the transformative power of a well-executed makeover. The team's commitment to quality and attention to detail results in kitchens that feel brand new without the need for a costly renovation. For homeowners looking to refresh their space on a budget, cabinet painting proves to be a valuable and efficient solution, and Maxwell House is the go-to partner to make it happen. If you’re looking for a cost efficient way to refresh your kitchen, contact us for a free consultation.


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