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5 Ways to Manage a Holiday Renovation

Out of focus Christmas decorated living room

When doing a big home project like a kitchen redesign or a bathroom renovation, there is a lot of room for challenges and renovations usually take longer than expected. It’s an exciting time for you and your family, but there may be times that you just want your project to be finished and over with.

The most important things to remember are to stay calm and that communication is key. At Maxwell House Painting and Contracting, we value communication with our customers, the importance of working together respectfully, and completing our projects in the most timely manner as possible so that we never compromise the quality of our work.

Two people working on a project

Communicating with your contractor

Communicate your Holiday plans and schedule with your contractor and consider scaling back. Although your Holiday plans may be smaller and more intimate this year, there is still planning and decorating to do along with all the online shopping. Keep an open dialogue of what your expectations are and discuss the schedule of work to be done with your contractor on a regular basis. Make sure to communicate if there are days in which contractors can not work in your home. If you know that you are hosting a small holiday gathering, make sure you address this right away so the work of the renovation doesn’t get in the way and so the contractor can prepare and clean up appropriately.

Figure out a schedule

Set a realistic plan and timeline in accordance with your holiday plans. Make sure you and your contractor are on the same page about what can realistically be completed before the holidays and what can wait until after. Make sure you plan ahead and address any issues that might arise with conflicting schedules. Most contractors are early risers and can work unusual hours since they are project-based. Plan on someone being in your home as early as 7 am and some stay late into the evening. If you are working from home, you may need to figure out a way to work around the noise. Think and plan ahead.

Two people planning a project

Be open and prepare in advance

If you have any concerns or hesitations that make you uncomfortable, make sure you vocalize them. If something isn’t working out, discuss your options, and be willing to compromise to resolve the situation in the best possible way.

While the holidays are a busy time of year, the rules still apply. Make sure you and your contractor have satisfied all the approval requirements and signed all the contracts. Things may take more time to process or get inspected. Don’t rush to get this out of the way, but instead prioritize the importance of this step.

Room ready for painting

Manage materials and tools

If you plan to have a few family members home for the holidays, additional clutter and the mess of an active construction life can be a safety hazard not to mention an eyesore. Talk with your contractor about designating a place where all the materials and tools can be stored out of the way and covered. Being on the same page about this will help manage the stress around the holidays.

Make sure you notify your family of the construction project. This will minimize anyone getting in the way of the renovation as well as getting in the way of your holiday. Young kids may not understand the importance of being out of the work area. Many kids enjoy watching the tradespeople do their work but it's important to keep them safe. Arrange for the kids to go to a neighbor’s house for a few hours so they are out of the way. This will also allow your team to really focus on getting the project done efficiently without having to worry about potential interference from little ones.

Illustration for new kitchen layout

Be flexible and reasonable

Work with your contractor and their team. Be friendly and open towards everyone so you can work as a team and accomplish the project together. Sometimes unavoidable situations arise and you have to be flexible to resolve the situation. It’s important to keep your daily schedule in play and make sure things are continuing in the right direction. However, when it comes to a home remodel it’s important to note that you can’t always stick to your schedule. Allow room for material delays or illness just in case. This way it is easier for you to be flexible and negotiate alternatives with your contractor.

Following these tips will allow you to minimize the stress of a renovation during the holidays and you will be able to successfully manage your renovation. If you have plans for a renovation during this year’s holiday season, you can contact us for a free estimate.


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