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Navigating Turbulent Times With Your Contractor

. This project was a full-service remodel that involved a complete demo of the kitchen; remodels of three bathrooms; and the replacement of flooring, baseboards, trim, casings and crown molding throughout the house.

Wow! It’s been a confusing and challenging few months for all of us. We have all been shocked at how fast things can change in our world, but also how quickly we can adjust to those changes. I didn’t even know what Zoom was a few months ago and now it’s part of everything we do. What is also part of our new normal is wearing face masks and social distancing our close friends and family. We are truly remarkable in our ability to adapt and overcome. As much as our lives have changed, some things will remain the same.

We will need to have work done on our homes. We will want to improve our living spaces as we are forced to spend more time at home. Now more than ever it’s important to consider what projects to complete and with whom you want to complete those projects. Maxwell House Painting and Contracting, as always, is here to help you with your home improvement projects. We have the experience and relationships to navigate these challenging times. Our crew members care about our community as well as the safety of everyone that we work for in this new “normal”. We are back to work and are adhering to the new safer working conditions and protocols.

We are dedicated to taking extra precautions needed to keep our contractors and homeowners safe while completing your project. Maxwell House Painting and Contracting can ensure that we will work with every single homeowner personally to make them feel as safe and comfortable as possible during your renovation period. Our experienced carpenters and painters have the skills to put up walls, install tile, paint, and everything else to go along with your project to make sure that you are satisfied with your home’s much needed facelift.

It is essential that we work together. Our crew members have been trained to practice safe distancing while working within your home. Repairs must go on, and we will continue to move forward while providing expert craftsmanship and care. Consider taking advantage of the beautiful weather and start planning your next exterior home improvement project. Or, maybe there is a spot inside your house that needs repair or that you have been patiently waiting to make more beautiful. Whatever the project is, we will work with you and guide you along the way. Maxwell House Painting and Contracting will advise you through each and every step of the process in order to make your vision a reality.

As we are all spending more time at home with our families, why not make the best out of it? Utilize the indoor space that before you could only make use of after work or on the weekends. Turn your basement into a workspace or sanctuary for you or your children. Take this extra time to plan out your project with us and create a space that makes you want to stay home. Check out Maxwell House Painting and Contracting services on our website and give us a call for an estimate for your new home enhancement!


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