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How to Give Your Home a Stylish Makeover Before the Holidays

Updated: Jan 9, 2020

Holiday home improvements

The weather has chilled and retailers are brimming with Thanksgiving and holiday decor. The holiday season is officially upon us! During the next few months, our homes will welcome more guests than at any other time of the year and they will be the backdrop for an abundance of memories during this time. Your family will remember the aroma of Thanksgiving dinner emanating through your kitchen and you will remember the look of joy as family and friends open Christmas presents in the living room next to the tree. With countless reasons to gather with loved ones, here are a few upgrades to make to your home that create a warm and inviting environment that will last beyond the holidays.

Adding mouldings for decorations and protection

Wall and Ceiling Moldings

For many of us, flat walls and ceilings cover a majority of our homes, so why not consider adding customized moldings? While protective in nature, wall and ceiling moldings also serve to add beautiful decorative millwork to your home. They add dimension and a distinct style to your space. Some popular wall molding options include chair rail, picture rail, box molding, wainscoting, or floor to ceiling panel moldings. If your home is equipped with a lofted ceiling, consider coffered ceilings to give the illusion that your ceiling isn’t as high. It also provides a warm and cozy feeling in a spacious area. By adding moldings to the walls, not only are you opting for a custom look, but you are also adding a protective layer on your walls that are especially useful in high traffic areas.

Upgrade your home with Baseboards, Crown Mouldings and Window casings

Baseboards, Crown Molding, and Window Casings

A commonly overlooked opportunity for home upgrades is your home’s baseboards, crown moldings and window casings. Baseboards are the moldings you see where your floor meets the wall, crown molding is the molding that covers the seam between walls and ceilings and casings are the moldings that surround your windows and doors. All of these moldings are useful in helping to cover any unfinished gaps. By utilizing these options it gives the space a finished and framed look. The options here are endless. Molding styles range anywhere from a simple clamshell to an ornate colonial combination to create a variety of unique looks to fit any style. Another way to make the spaces in your home look more cohesive is by continuing the same moldings in every room. By coordinating the moldings throughout the home, it provides a simple and elegant flow between rooms. This upgrade will not only add value, but will also highlight the craftsmanship of your home.

One of the biggest upgrades you can make to your home is a fresh paint job!

Paint, Paint, and More Paint

Last but not least, one of the most noticeable upgrades you can make to your home is a fresh paint job! This bang for your buck home improvement is relatively inexpensive compared to the other upgrades listed but it can have the biggest impact. It can set a specific mood, whether it be a cheery, bright yellow or a relaxing shade of blue. Selecting colors throughout your home that play well together is a designer’s secret to making rooms feel unified. Carefully chosen colors can also serve to highlight those new moldings as well!

After making color selections for your home, you will want to choose the correct paint product for your project. The right type of paint product can protect your walls from moisture and excessive wear and tear. There are specific types of paint for different areas and surfaces of your home. There are paints for exterior doors, ceilings, bathrooms, kitchen cabinets and more! These special paints contain unique properties that will help you get the most longevity out of your paint.

Over the next several weeks the outside temps will continue to chill and we will look to create warmth in our homes. As you ready your home to host and gather with company consider making these home improvements to add value and provide a distinct style to your home.

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