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How to Revamp Your Spare Room into a Functional Space

Updated: Oct 30, 2023

At Maxwell House, we promise to deliver an affordable and professional experience when it comes to your painting and contracting needs. We pride ourselves on working with you to provide a space that is as unique as you. Repair, refresh, and renew is our model of excellence.

So the question becomes, how do we make ourselves comfortable AND efficient at home? Here are some ways we recommend adjusting your available space to fit your new needs.

At home classroom


We are about one month into the school year. How are your children doing with this new style of learning? It’s an adjustment, that’s for sure. To help your child perform the best they can while learning from home, we have a few tips and tricks to give you the perfect learning environment.

Let’s start with the structure of the room. Decide if your child will learn best with private learning or group learning. This will help you decide if you need a larger or smaller space. With this decision in mind, we can come in to remove or build walls creating that new educational room. Ask your child to pick a paint color that inspires them. You want to create a positive learning environment so think bold colors. Bold colors can help with creativity and keep your child alert throughout the day.

After the structure is in place, make sure your classroom is fully equipped with shelves and storage. The organization is helpful to keep both you and your child productive. Add shelves to the walls to organize books and subjects. Hang a whiteboard, so you and your child can clearly see what assignments are due and what is on the agenda for the day. Add school inspired furniture like desks and chairs, so your child feels like they are in a classroom. For younger children, consider designating an area to play during their break time.

Home office

Home Office

Like your child, you want to feel focused and motivated to get your work done as well. While you may not need a huge space for an office, you do need to use this space efficiently. Searching for work items is not the best use of time, so make sure to organize your space. We recommend building shelves or maybe built-in to help you stay organized.

When deciding what room to turn into your office, try to pick one with a window; you will be spending the majority of your day there, so make sure you give yourself a room with a view. Natural light will help you stay focused and energized throughout the workday. We will see your project through from start to finish so that your home office fits your ever-changing needs.

Home gym


What about a new workout area? Now that we are spending more time at home, we have more time to fit in a quick workout. When it comes to designing a home gym, safety is a priority. You need ample room. This not only keeps you safe, but it allows multiple people to join your workout. This works as an excellent motivator! The more space you have, the more options you have to decide what kind of exercise you like to do. The options are endless: Cardio, Weight Lighting, Yoga, Barre3, etc.

After deciding what kind of exercise you want to do in your new space, let us help you create a real gym-like environment. We can add mirrors or a ballet bar to your walls to fit your needs. Mirrors are especially beneficial as they make your room look larger, and they allow you to see your progress.



It’s important for everyone in your family to get outside while we stay home. With virtual work and school, everyone is staring at a screen all day long. Outside play will let your kids feel free and allow them to get some exercise. Adding a mudroom or sprucing up your existing mudroom will allow you to keep the rest of your home clean once your children finish playing outside.

Storage is one of the most beneficial ways to make your mudroom an efficient room in your home. Adding shelves, hooks, or lockers will keep things looking neat, while also allowing for a quick solution on where to put jackets and shoes. Think about implementing a sink. Your children will be able to wash up quickly after playing outside. Are your kids coming back in the house with dirty, muddy, wet, or snowy shoes? Throw them in the sink! Your mudroom can be a multipurpose room. Use it as a washroom or a closet. A fully remodeled mudroom when properly designed can look great even with heavy use.

Getting the Job Done

At Maxwell House Painting and Contracting, we are a different option to the average contracting company. We are happy to help you create the best space for you by working on constructing everything we recommended in this article. We believe in delivering quality service on time and on budget with the professionalism that is rarely experienced in the industry. To learn more about our team and services, call us today at 855-357-2468.


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